7-Piece SAE Nut Driver Set


VACO's 7-Piece Nut Driver Set features 7 of the most popular SAE nut driver sizes. Perfect for any task, the magnetic tip keeps fasteners secured during use and the handle's grip provides more comfort and increased torque to get the job done. Easily identify the right size with laser etched blades and marking on the base of the handles.

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  • 7-Piece Nut Driver Set features the most common SAE nut driver sizes for a wide range of applications
  • Set includes: 3/16-Inch, 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch, 11/32-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 7/16-Inch, and 1/2-Inch nut drivers
  • Hollow shaft allows for extended driving of hex nuts on threaded rod
  • Powerful magnets keep nuts and fasteners held securely during use
  • Bold laser etched tips and dome markings make identifying the right size nut driver quick and easy
  • Rubberized dual material grip handle increases life of tool with solvent resistance
  • Thumb indentation on driver handle provides comfort and leverage during use
Application : Nut Driving
Number of Pieces : 7
Measurement Standard : SAE
Drive Size : 3/16'' to 1/2''
Drive Type : SAE
Special Features : Rare-Earth Magnetic Tip; Hollow Shaft; Thumb Indentation on Handle
Material : Steel
Insulated : No
Handle Type : Comfort Grip
Handle Material : Overmolded Grip with Soft Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Handle Length : 4.25'' (10.8 cm)
Shaft Length : 3'' (7.6 cm)
Overall Length : 7.25'' (18.4 cm)
Overall Height : 1.14'' (2.9 cm)
Overall Width : 1.28'' (3.3 cm)
Type : Magnetic Nut Driver
Weight : 2.72 to 4.22 oz (77 to 120 g)
  • Always wear approved eye protection.
  • Never use on or near live electrical circuits.
  • Do NOT use to pry or chisel.
  • NOT insulated. Will NOT protect against electrical shock.