VACO™ Introduces 20 Piece Screwdriver Kit with Magnetizer, Perfect for Wide Range of Tasks

October 18, 2023 (Lincolnshire, IL) – VACO Products, Inc., Driving Performance™, introduces a new 20 Piece Screwdriver Kit, with a variety of Phillips, Slotted and TORX® tip screwdrivers, and a magnetizer to easily make any of the drivers magnetic right on the spot.

20-Piece Phillips, Slotted, TORX® Screwdriver Set with Magnetizer (Cat. No. VAC7202)
  • 20-Piece set features a variety of Phillips, Slotted, and TORX® screwdrivers to cover a variety of tasks plus a VACO Magnetizer
  • Phillips and Slotted: #3 x 6-Inch, #2 x 4-Inch, #1 x 3-Inch, #0 x 3-Inch, #2 x 1.5-Inch, SL 3/8 x 6- Inch, SL 5/16 x 6-Inch, SL 1/4 x 6-Inch, SL 1/4 x 4-Inch, SL 3/16 x 4-Inch, SL 1/4 x 1.5-Inch
  • TORX®: T40 x 5-Inch , T30 x 5-Inch, T27 x 4-Inch, T25 x 4-Inch, T20 x 4-Inch, T15 x 4-Inch, T10 x 2-Inch, T8 x 2-Inch
  • VACO Magnetizer efficiently magnetizes and demagnetizes any of the included drivers
  • Black oxide tips stop screwdrivers from slipping when tightening or loosening screws
  • Bold laser etched tips and dome markings make identifying the tip quick and easy
  • Thumb indentation on driver handle provides comfort and leverage during use

“In designing this screwdriver set, our VACO team wanted to give users a set of screwdrivers that could cover almost any base for any need they might come across,” says Grace Conway at VACO. “With a variety of drivers, all with easy to identify tips and thumb-indented handles for comfort and leverage, this set is ideal to cover a wide range of driver needs. On top of that, the set included a VACO magnetizer so that you can easily magnetize or de-magnetize any of the drivers as needed.”

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